• Thanigainathan A PG Scholar
  • Dr Selvalenin C
  • Dr Lakshmi Kantham T
  • Dr Vetha Merlin Kumari H
  • Dr Nalini Sofia H
  • Dr Mary Sharmila C
  • Dr Anbarasan B
  • Dr Meenakumari R


Viresanam, Purgation, Siddha


Viresanam is a purgation therapy in Siddha system of medicine. The therapy is mainly used for balancing the doshas (trihumours) of the body especially vatha. The most commonly used herbs in Siddha system for purgation are Nervalam (Croton tiglium L.), Sivathai (Operculina turpethum L.) S. Manso), Nilavarai (Cassia senna Linn.), Kadukurokini (Picrorrhiza kurroa Benth.). Siddha system contains extensive range of drugs for purgation. There are different forms of drugs like Kudineer (Medicated Decoction), Karkam (Crushed fresh herb), Uppu medicines (Alkali), Ennai (Medicated Oil) and Mathirai (Tablet form). The therapy has several beneficial effects without causing harm to the GI tract. The regulation of gut by Viresanam therapy not only cures Gastrointestinal disorders, but also plays a vital role in treating several other systemic diseases. This review focuses on purgation drugs used in Siddha system of medicine, possible mechanism of action and their beneficial effects.



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A, T., Selvalenin C, Lakshmi Kantham T, Vetha Merlin Kumari H, Nalini Sofia H, Mary Sharmila C, Anbarasan B, & Meenakumari R. (2024). VIRESANAM - PURGATION THERAPY IN SIDDHA. Journal of Siddha, 5(1), 52-60. Retrieved from