Conceptualization of Ancient Siddha Disinfectant Techniques to Combat COVID-19


  • Elakkiyaa. V
  • Aishwarya. A
  • Meenakumari. R


Siddha Medicine, COVID-19, Disinfectant, Fumigation


Cleaning and disinfection of one’s self and environmental surfaces is important in combating coronavirus disease 2019. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by SARS-COV-2 and it is transmitted through close physical contact and respiratory droplets and also through indirect contact with the droplets of an infected person, including surface contamination. While recent study suggest that there is growing evidence to consider the airborne transmission of the virus that may linger in the air in the form of smaller droplets smaller than 5 microns. There is evidence to prove that even smaller particles can infect people when inhaled, especially in a closed environment with poor ventilation. A good ventilation system is needed in residences, working places and hospitals to minimize recirculating air in addition to personal hygiene. Ultraviolet lights may be needed to kill viral particles floating in tiny droplets indoors. Henceforth, the individual and environment must be properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent further transmission. In Siddha literature many disinfectant methods have been mentioned which is already used by our ancestors to prevent and control many airborne diseases like chickenpox and influenza viruses. This review article suggests the importance of implementing the siddha traditional disinfectant procedures for controlling the pandemic.



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